Intuition Ale Works is a Jacksonville, Florida-based craft brewery established in 2010 by owner and brewer Ben Davis. We specialize in small-batch handcrafted ales and our mission is to create quality, flavorful and creative beers in a wide range of styles. We are proud to serve the burgeoning Florida marketplace.

In February of 2012 we became the first craft brewery in the state of Florida to can our beers and currently we are canning three brands: our flagship People’s Pale Ale, Jon Boat Coastal Ale and I-10 IPA. We also brew a host of draught-only small batch specialties that can be found in our Riverside tap room (where we have twenty taps) and at better beer bars in Florida.

We are distributed by Champion Brands in Jacksonville/ Northeast Florida, J.J. Taylor in Tampa/ Central Florida and Brown Distributing in Gainesville, Tallahasee, Ormond, Deland, Daytona, Lake City and everything in between.

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If  you’re interested in joining our team, shoot us an email at and tell us about yourself.




Ben Davis

The owner and brewer of Intuition Ale Works was born and raised right here on the First Coast, where Florida begins.  In fact, the only thing that might run deeper than Ben Davis’ Jacksonville roots is his love of beer, particularly drinking it.  Ben’s journey through the booze business began in 1999 when he purchased a local San Marco coffee shop known as The Grotto and transformed it into the wildly popular wine and tapas bar that it is today.

But it turns out that selling other peoples’ products didn’t satisfy Ben’s creative side – so, he said a brief goodbye to spanish moss and humidity and headed West to Sonoma, CA to dip his toes into winemaking.  After working crush in Napa and New Zealand, he started his own wine label and produced critically acclaimed wines until 2007, at which point, he realized it was time to come home.  Home to family and friends, home to a city of sunlight and life, and home to a rapidly growing craft-beer market.

Ben began his search for the perfect brewery location, studied the business of brewing, attended a rigorous brewer’s certification program through the Siebel Institute in Chicago, and spent two and a half long years perfecting recipes in his garage on Edgewood Avenue.  It’s been a long and winding road that’s brought Ben Davis to this place.  You could say the whole time he was guided by a certain sixth sense: an “Intuition,” if you will.  The years he spent in winemaking and the refined palate that resulted are reflected in the incredibly high standards to which he holds his brews.

But let’s face it.  His raucous spirit and never-ending love of a good time are perfectly complimented by only one thing: Beer.



Andrew Cattell
Brewer / Production Manager

Approaching his 8th year in the craft beer industry, Andrew works harder than any yeast “strains” to fill your glass with the best brew in Jax. He brews for the love of the craft and the satisfaction of seeing IAW patrons partake in one of civilization’s oldest rituals – relaxing and socializing over beer. “Because, without beer, things do not seem to go as well…” – Brother Epp

When Andrew’s not mixin’ the mash at Intuition, he’s off pairing beers with activities. Whether it is biking, lounging in his hammock, kayaking or camping, he’s got his favorite brew for the occasion.

Riley Leuthold
Tap Room Manager

iphone-057-460x498Riley built up on his brew IQ at Seven Bridges Grille & Brewery and earned his Cicerone Certified Beer Server title in 2012. He loves his work at Intuition because it allows him to meet and connect with others who share his passion for great beer.

When he’s not in the taproom slingin’ beers or enjoying a pint of Riverside Red, Riley enjoys scoping out local restaurants and bars with friends, teaching himself to cook, or playing games that most likely have “Star Wars” somewhere in the title.

Lindsay Stephens
Office Manager

If this girl were an IPA, she’d be the most boisterous brew to ever touch your lips! Lindsay has been with Intuition since its birth in Fall 2010. After traveling the world and consuming many a foreign beverage, she has discovered a true appreciation for the art and culture of craft beer and has become the ultimate herald for hops! Lindsay became a Certified Cicerone Beer Server in mid 2012 and loves discussing craft beer with curious customers.

If you can’t feel this girl’s presence at the brewery, she is most likely at the closest bluegrass and folk festival or relaxing with her beau in the oasis of their backyard!

Daniel Courts
Brand Manager

IMG_0179Dan advocates for our brews among distributors and retailers. While he’s been in the wine, beer and spirits world for the past 10 years, beer has become his passion in recent years and he jumped at the opportunity to work for Intuition in this constantly maturing environment. When his nose is not in a glass, his competitive nature compels him to try his hand at all sports and games, and he likely is found contemplating a chess move or swinging a golf club.

Hannah Greer
Tap Room

If we couldn’t extract sugar from grains, we could substitute with a little Hannah. A main ingredient in the Intuition mash, Hannah brings a smile to everyone she meets. She was hooked on the craft beer scene after her first taste and now she can’t help but encourage others to start drinking around! Hannah completed her Cicerone Beer Server certification in early 2012 and is eager to share her knowledge of craft beer with Jacksonville.

If she’s not swooning the crowds of Intuition, she’s most likely somewhere under the sun’s gaze, enjoying one (or many) outdoor activities.

Robin Rütenberg
Tap Room / Creative Projects Coordinator

Since her time spent steeping abroad in the numerous breweries of Bamberg, Germany, Robin has been devoted to the philosophy of quality craft beer. She heads various creative projects at Intuition and loves her work, not only because of the gamut of ales on tap, but also because of the amazing people she shares her days with at the brewery.  She has been at IAW since summer 2011 and completed her Cicerone Beer Server certification in spring 2012.

If she’s not bustling about the brewery, she’s most likely teaching young girls how to be awesome at Girl’s Rock Camp Jacksonville or writing or performing with one of her bands, The Little Books and Four Families!

Jessie Erickson
Assistant Brewer

A valuable addition to our brew force and a budding yeast wrangler, Jessie is fascinated by new brewing techniques and studies movements within the ever-evolving craft beer industry. As an IAW brewer, her thirst to contribute to something creative and innovative is made possible every day. Jessie’s favorite part of her job comes at the end of every shift, when patrons begin to file into the IAW Tap Room to enjoy the beer she helped brew.

Aside from brewing, Jessie also loves relaxing at the beach with a can of I-10 in her hand, banging on the drums and catching her favorite bands on tour!

20140513_143719Matt Crossland
Assistant Brewer

With deep homebrew roots, Matt joined our brewing force in winter 2012 and now shares his talents with us, his favorite local craft brewery and the fine folks of North Florida.  His favorite Intuition beer is the mellow and malty Shotgun Shack, which perfectly suits his laid back and warm persona.

When Matt isn’t crafting delicious ales in the brewery, he’s likely enjoying live music, reading, or still brewing… but at home.

Alex Leuthold
Tap Room/ Muscles

AlexThat spritely young man behind the bar of the Intuition tap-room is none other than our very own Alex Leuthold! Alex has been jovially sharing the good gospel of craft beer ever since he joined the Intuition team in early 2012. The son of a home brewer, Alex exudes a great appreciation for the style, care, and history of craft beer and has been a knowledgeable and amiable addition to the Intuition staff. He received his Cicerone Beer Server certification in summer 2012.

When not at Intuition, you might catch a glimpse of Alex and his mustache cycling to a hip beer bar in Riverside, a music venue downtown or to the next Jags game!